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Changing Black and White Photos to Coloured in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop can turn the raw, dull and simple footage into well master piece. Turning black and white  photos into color is one of them. Using Photoshop can breathe new life into old images, allowing you to visualize the past vibrantly. 

Let’s see the important steps to transform your monochrome photos into colorful masterpieces.

  • First, Prepare Your Image

Pick the black and white image from the online available websites. Various websites are there to download the images specially the black and white portrait.

  • Now Duplicate the Layer

Now make sure to duplicate the image as it is important to apply changes on the copy instead of original graphics.

  • Get the color portrait

It is important to add realistic color to the picture and to do so, we have to get same lighting and complexion in the colourful portrait. Use the same websites to find out the images.

  • Add Gradient Map Adjustment Layer

Create an adjustment gradient map layer on top of the black-and-white picture.

  • Go for Setting Up the Color Palette

Open the gradient editor and change the color added within color stops. Click on the colored portrait and then start picking up the colors in the stops.

  • Blending Mode

Now add the color blending to the adjustment layer. This will present the realistic skin color specially.

  • Working On other things

Add background colors using Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and take help from layer mask.

Finish with making before after and add text too.

Get the Professional Adobe Photoshop Training

With Photoshop skills, making career into digital media industry becomes simple. With the help of experts at Photoshop training institute in Delhi, students and interested learners can make into the creative arena by acquiring the skills. Now with the graphic design courses in Delhi at ADMEC Multimedia Institute, students are unable to get best level classes on core concepts related to Photoshop, designing and editing within it. The expert led training focusses on the loopholes of the students and guide them to master their hands on the practical execution of the topics being taught in the sessions. 

Author Introduction

Hi, this Prakarsh Singh. With the 2 months long training at ADMEC  Multimedia, I’ve learned a lot. My course is post production premium which is 6 months long video editing course in Delhi and I’ve explored the inner features of the tool with my batchmates and trainer Ms. Anuradha Sengar. 

The  role of Photoshop and its editing skills is huge in the life of video editor. I work premeire as well as after effects and lot of time, I use Photoshop to complete my design project from at the good level with efficiency.

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